Monday, August 23, 2010

Summer Stuff

These are pictures from my family's vacation to BC to go waterskiing.

Sadie liked throwing the rocks in the water

Ryan doing some jumps on the new wake board:

This is my whole family, everyone was there this year and we all crowded into a 4 bedroom basement!

This is Sadie's best friend and cousin, Anna. We watched her for a week and they had a ton of fun together! Sadie was attatched to her the whole time.

This was from a camping trip we took in waterton (a town in the mountains much like Banff but not as touristy).

This was Sadie's adventurous climb! It was a steep slope for her!!

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  1. Hey Heather - Looks like you're having an amazing summer! You look awesome and so happy! I ran into Brian Hirschee the other day. You moved back to Canada? Thats awesome! Cam and I are living in Sundance in Calgary! I hope to see you around!