Monday, August 23, 2010

Summer Stuff

These are pictures from my family's vacation to BC to go waterskiing.

Sadie liked throwing the rocks in the water

Ryan doing some jumps on the new wake board:

This is my whole family, everyone was there this year and we all crowded into a 4 bedroom basement!

This is Sadie's best friend and cousin, Anna. We watched her for a week and they had a ton of fun together! Sadie was attatched to her the whole time.

This was from a camping trip we took in waterton (a town in the mountains much like Banff but not as touristy).

This was Sadie's adventurous climb! It was a steep slope for her!!

Spock Days

There's this town a couple of hours away called Vulcan. Sense they had the same name as Spock's home planet from Star Track, they became the Star Track town. The whole town has Star Track stuff all over the place. You buy all this Star Track stuff and there are statues of Star Track people and the space ships and murals painted on the buildings. Every year they have this festival called Spock Days. There's a parade and then they have a much of activities and stuff. A lot of the people dress up – some or pretty into it. Last year the actual Spock from the old series came for Spock Days and they hosted a premier of the new movie in the town as well. There's also a Star Track museum there. I took most of these pictures with Roger in mind!

Spring Time Stuff

Easter - We had an easter egg hunt by the river. The little ones (Like Sadie) just did a little hunt in my parent's backyard. Sadie loved hunting for eggs, she caught on pretty quick!

Sadie loved going down to the River to throw rocks in. She would be content doing it all day long, she never wanted to leave!

We got a zoo pass for the year and go every other week about. The zoo is on the way to my parent's house we normally stop on our way there or when we're in Calgary doing errands,

This was early in the year and she seemed to only be interested in the fish and the butterflies. Now she likes to see the bigger animals in their bigger cages - she thinks most of them are dogs.